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So many of you have asked for photos. Here are a few of my favorites. Click on any of the photos and a larger one will be displayed.

Logan 6/9/06

Logan: Master of the slide. April 2005 at diagnosis.

Our trooper. 8/4/05

Left to right, brother Erik, Mom (Donna), Dad (Don), and Logan. 5/19/05

Logan (left) and Erik get to meet R2-D2 at the Houston airport. R2 helped transfer Luke's lightsaber from Lucas Films to Space Center Houston for it's flight on the space shuttle. 8/28/07

Vader and the Storm Troopers were also there. 8/28/07

And Boba Fett, too. Boba and Jango are two of the boys favorite villans. 8/28/07

Best Friends! 12/27/06


"From the Flashes of Hope photo shoot. 7/9/06

"Flashes" captured the essence of our boys, the love they have for each other, how Logan looks upto Erik, and the protection and support they give one another...all in one photo.

"Flashes" 7/9/06

Two boys being silly.

"Flashes" 7/9/06

Donna and the boys get to meet the dolphins! 12/22/06

Erik has a new friend at the Dolphin Research Center. 12/22/06

Mr. and Mrs. Faust with all the kids from their 25th weekend outing.

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/14/06

Our gracious hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Faust with Logan and Erik, our Jedi Cowboys... gifts from the Fausts.

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/14/06

The world's newest cowboys.

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/14/06

Logan says, "I'm ready for my safari!"

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/13/06

Logan's first horse ride.

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/14/06

Erik fires his six-shooters.

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/14/06

Logan yells, "That camel just slimed me!"

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/13/06

Logan's first of four fish for the weekend.

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/13/06

Logan, Dad, and Erik with Erik's first fish. "I may have caught it, Dad, but I'm not touching it!"

Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/13/06

New friends from Squirrel Creek Ranch 10/15/06

Inseparable...Logan and his big brother Erik. 3/16/05

Erik and Logan goofing for the camera. 6/9/06

Waiting at the hospital for yet another scan, even a Hero needs some support from his bear. 6/05

Erik dressed for soccer, with his biggest fan. 3/4/06

2 Buzz Lightyear's are better then 1. Early 2005

The cutest Buzz Lightyear you ever saw! 8/27/05

What do I want for Christmas? Hmm.... 12/3/05

Meet the Houston area Riders: Walter Dawes, Dr. Ken McClain, and Jill Nepomnick pose with the Histiocytosis patients at the event. 4/29/06

We're ready to go swimming! 5/13/06

Aunt Jayne came to visit, and we had an Easter Egg hunt. 4/1/06

Dr. McClain with Logan. 3/20/06

Nurses Erica and Beth (Kim Possible) with Logan. 03/03/06

Nurse Mindi with boys. 03/03/06

Logan's nurses, Robin and Ramone. 4/10/06

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